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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - 2 songs Steam + Winning Women (feat Rihanna) (recommended)

2 Songs For Nicole scherzinger 
Both of them r Dope Actually
*Winning Women Features Rihanna*

Download (Steam) Link#1 [Evilshare]
Link#2 [mediafire] 
Link#3 [sharebee]

Download (Winning Women) Link#1 [Evilshare]
Link#2 [mediafire] 
Link#3 [sharebee]

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.. Enjoy ..

Info Correction : these songs r "not new"
they were leaked along time ago :)
thx ukrep 4 the info :)

Credit:  Extreme Hot Music


LaFemmeNikita said...

I leaked those 2 songs to whatz-new (who erased my post & did not give credit). Extremely hot got them from whatz-new, & did not give credit. You are the only one who gave credit to the person you got it from, so guess what my new favorite music blog is?

UK Rep said...

Just wanted to let you know that steam eaked over a year ago and is only a demo and will NOT be on the album! Also winning women leaked aaaages ago and is featured on an advert! :)

Also do you wanna affiliate: let me know and I will add u! :) :cool:

xMelody said...

thx lafemmenikita :) i appreciate that ,, and thx ukrep for the info i'll edit this right now :D ,, and ya i'd love 2 affiliate :D
thx for ur comments guyz :)

Anonymous said...

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