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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scarface (Feat T.I. Lil Wayne & UTP) - Big Dogg Status

New music from Scarface from his upcoming album "Made" due out Dec 4th featuring T.I. Lil Wayne & U.T.P

DL: Big Dogg Status [zSHARE]
DL: Link#2 [Sharebee]

Credit : xMelodyMusic

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Requests* Sugababes, Sophie Ellis-Bextor , The Donnas


DL: Sugababes - Change

DL : Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Trip The Light Fantastic



DL : The Donnas - Bitchin


Credit: xMelodyMuxic

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Westlife [Album Info] Back Home + Album Cover

Back Home is the ninth studio album by Irish boy band Westlife and is to be released on the "5th of November 2007" , The album contains a collection of brand new tracks along with a few covers of timeless classics.

The tracklisting for the album was released on the band's official website on the 3rd of October. The release date of the album was brought forward to the 5th of November from the initial 12th of November.

The first single from the album is a cover of the ballad "Home", originally by (Michael Bublé)"2005"
and Now Westlife Covers the Song and was released October 29th "2007"

Here is The Tracklist of "Back Home"

01.Home * (Originally By Michael Bublé "2005" )
02.Us Against The World * (Originally By Play "2002" )
03.Something Right
04.I'm Already There * (Originally By LoneStar "2001" )
05.When I'm With You
06.Have You Ever * (Originally By Brandy "1998" )
07.It's You
08.Catch My Breath
09.The Easy Way
10.I Do
11.Pictures In My Head
12.You Must Have Had A Broken Heart

[*] = Cover

DL: Home

Source: Wikipedia

Credit: xMelodyMusic

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Mario [New Album] Go! (Retail) 2007

About 8 Songs were leaked outta this Album
l8er this year So Now we Have 4 "new" Songs
+ 2 Bonus Track (so its 6 :D)
4 Mario in This Leaked Album "Go!"
Check It Out..

1. Go *
2. Crying Out For Me *
3. Kryptonite - (with Rich Boy) *
4. Why *
5. How Do I Breathe *
6. No Definition *
7. What It's Gonna Be *
8. Lay In My Bed
9. Right And Wrong Way
10. Do Right
11. Ghetto Love *
12. Let Me Watch - (with Julez Santana)
13. Music For Love [Bonus Track]
14. Skippin' [Bonus Track]

[*] = Leaked songs

DL: Mario - Go! [Evilshare]


Credit: Ali's Blog

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bow Wow & Omarion [New Song] Girlfriend

New Song Off Bow wow & Omarion's New Album "Face Off"
scheduled to be released on the 11th of December 2007
I Can't wait 4 the Album to Drop .. Coz the songs that i heard
till now are Hot!!
Check it out..

DL: Girlfriend

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Credit: whatz-new

Jennifer Lopez - Frozen Moments [Bonus Track]

Here is The Bonus Track From J Lo's New Album "Brave"
Released 2day,
its Track No. 14 on the Album.I myself Find it good
Tell me wut u guyz think 'bout it :)

DL: Frozen Moments

Credit : xMelodyMusic

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Update* Jay-z [Album Info] American Gangster

Jay-Z stated that he recorded nine tracks for the album (American Gangster, November 6th),with almost every one of them based on a specific scene from the film. Def Jam's Senior Vice President of Marketing Tracey Waples also noted that each track from the album will have its own "mini-film"

The Following Tracks were Confirmed By Jay-z Himself
For His New Album "American Gangster"

"Blue Magic"** (Feat. Pharrell)
"I Know"
"Ignorant Shit"** (Feat. Beanie Sigel)
"No Hook"
"Roc Boys"
"Say Hello to the Bad Guy"
"Telekinesis" (Feat Nas & Eminem)
"This Shit Right Here"
"When the Money's Gone"
Untitled (Feat Justin Timberlake)

** Leaked Songs

DL: Blue Magic (Feat Pharell)

DL: Ignorant Shit


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Credit: xMelodyMusic

Monday, October 8, 2007

Update* Craig David

Craig David Is Releasing His New Album
Entitled "Trust Me" on November 12
Containing The 1st 6 Tracks Confirmed on Wikipedia
and I Added 2 Bonus Tracks :D a Hot Stuff Remix with fiddy
and Kano's Bad Boy Feat Craig David :)
Plus: Craig's New Video "Hot Stuff"

DL: "Hot Stuff" (Let's Dance)

DL: "6 Of 1 Thing"

DL: "She's On Fire"

DL: "Don't Play With Our Love"

DL: "Awkward"

DL: "Officially Yours"

---- [Bonus] ----

DL: "Hot Stuff (Feat. 50 Cent)" (Ayo Technology Mix)

DL: Baby Boy (Kano Feat Craig David)

And The New Video For Craig David (Let's Dance (Hot Stuff))

(: EnJoy :)

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Credit: xMelodyMusic

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Howie Dorough's New Song with The Japanese Group "The Gospellers" - It Still Matters - Video + Mp3

This is New Work by Howie Dorough From
Backstreet Boys With the Japanese Group
The Gospellers,Its Kinda Funny u know That He's
Singin Japanese with them :D ,, but the Song is Cool :D
There u Go,,

DL: It Still Matters

And Watch The Music Video Here ;)

Comment n Tell Me wut u Think About it :)

Credit: xMelodyMusic

Requests* Marie Digby

Request *RealHexer*

DL: Marie Digby - Voice on The Radio

DL: Marie Digby - Where Do I Go

Credit: xMelodyMusic