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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Update* Jay-z [Album Info] American Gangster

Jay-Z stated that he recorded nine tracks for the album (American Gangster, November 6th),with almost every one of them based on a specific scene from the film. Def Jam's Senior Vice President of Marketing Tracey Waples also noted that each track from the album will have its own "mini-film"

The Following Tracks were Confirmed By Jay-z Himself
For His New Album "American Gangster"

"Blue Magic"** (Feat. Pharrell)
"I Know"
"Ignorant Shit"** (Feat. Beanie Sigel)
"No Hook"
"Roc Boys"
"Say Hello to the Bad Guy"
"Telekinesis" (Feat Nas & Eminem)
"This Shit Right Here"
"When the Money's Gone"
Untitled (Feat Justin Timberlake)

** Leaked Songs

DL: Blue Magic (Feat Pharell)

DL: Ignorant Shit


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