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Monday, October 8, 2007

Update* Craig David

Craig David Is Releasing His New Album
Entitled "Trust Me" on November 12
Containing The 1st 6 Tracks Confirmed on Wikipedia
and I Added 2 Bonus Tracks :D a Hot Stuff Remix with fiddy
and Kano's Bad Boy Feat Craig David :)
Plus: Craig's New Video "Hot Stuff"

DL: "Hot Stuff" (Let's Dance)

DL: "6 Of 1 Thing"

DL: "She's On Fire"

DL: "Don't Play With Our Love"

DL: "Awkward"

DL: "Officially Yours"

---- [Bonus] ----

DL: "Hot Stuff (Feat. 50 Cent)" (Ayo Technology Mix)

DL: Baby Boy (Kano Feat Craig David)

And The New Video For Craig David (Let's Dance (Hot Stuff))

(: EnJoy :)

Comments are allways Appreciated

Credit: xMelodyMusic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi! First of all, thanks! Do you have the instrumental of Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)? If so, can you please publish it? Thanks!