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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Going 3/4 hiatus = No Request 4 now

Wuts Up EveryBody ,,

I decided to take some time n try to study :D
coz this is my last year in high school so ,, i must give it a last shot
i have exams after approximatley 35 days so i gotta concentrate a lil' bit
That means unfortunatley i have to be on Hiatus ,, but um just gonna make it for you guyz everyone who visits my blog ,, a 3/4 Hiatus :D lol
i will post a much less than i do now (i know i don't post much) :D
So Forgive me Guyz NO MORE REQUESTS in these 35 Days
i probably won't have time to get it 4 ya ,, plz understand :)
thx 2 everyone who visits and supports my blog ,, plz keep doin that
i won't be gone for a very long time :)

u all got my affiliates if u need anything ,, they'll help u with wut u need
u'll find all the latest releases and leaks there :)
Hope u have a good time everyone :)

C u Guyz :)

Jordin Sparks [New Album] Jordin Sparks [Retail]


1. Tattoo
2. One Step At A Time
3. No Air (Featuring Chris Brown)
4. Freeze
5. Shy Boy
6. Now You Tell Me
7. Next To You
8. Just For The Record
9. Permanent Monday
10. Young And In Love
11. See My Side
12. God Loves Ugly
13. This Is My Now (Bonus Track)

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