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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Going 3/4 hiatus = No Request 4 now

Wuts Up EveryBody ,,

I decided to take some time n try to study :D
coz this is my last year in high school so ,, i must give it a last shot
i have exams after approximatley 35 days so i gotta concentrate a lil' bit
That means unfortunatley i have to be on Hiatus ,, but um just gonna make it for you guyz everyone who visits my blog ,, a 3/4 Hiatus :D lol
i will post a much less than i do now (i know i don't post much) :D
So Forgive me Guyz NO MORE REQUESTS in these 35 Days
i probably won't have time to get it 4 ya ,, plz understand :)
thx 2 everyone who visits and supports my blog ,, plz keep doin that
i won't be gone for a very long time :)

u all got my affiliates if u need anything ,, they'll help u with wut u need
u'll find all the latest releases and leaks there :)
Hope u have a good time everyone :)

C u Guyz :)


Anonymous said...

How do you get these leaks so early?

Anonymous said...

I think it's only fair that you give your studies the best and I'm sure you'll be here soon. I wish you all the best in your exams :)

Anonymous said...

good luck buddy :D

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