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Friday, September 28, 2007

BRB , Sorry Guyz !!

Hey EveryBody ,,Very Sorry for the lack of updates .. i've been havin troubles loggin in to my blogger and u know the school ,, and finally i'm online ,, but also um sorry i can't post anything right now ,, maybe in less than a month i would be able to get back on ma track ,, i'll be travellin 2 turkey after ramadan ,, and isA by God's will after that i'll be Able 2 post u stuff ,, i'll try to post wut u've missed 2 ,, not all but i think wuts Hot :D .. anywayz ,, i wanna thank u all who keep visiting back ma blog and wow 12330 Hits was not expected really when i first made this blog "thx all" ,, and um sorry again for not being up to date these dayz ,, u can still request 4 Affiliation and requesting songs 2 ,, i might be updating that n um sorry if i din't get ur request or be late for it ,, plz understand :) but i'll try ,, and thx everyone .. so I Guess BRB :D ,, c ya guyz ,, Peace Out .

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