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Saturday, October 27, 2007

OneRepublic [New Album] Dreaming Out Loud

1. Mercy
2. Apologize
3. Stop & Stare
4. Tyrant
5. Sleep
6. Goodbye Apathy
7. All We Are
8. Someone to Save You
9. Dreamin Out Loud
10. Too Easy
11. Prodigal


DL: OneRepublic - Dreamin' Out Loud [Sharebee]

Comments are allways Appreciated :)


Courtney said...


xMelodyMusic said...

You're Most Welcome ,, thx alot 4 ur comment :)

Oli said...

I don't want to be a pain in the ass BUT

This leak is NOT the actual album!

It has all the songs but they appear to be old versions and not NEW versions.

If you don't believe me just compare "All We Are" off OR's myspace page and you will see the difference!"

Ale said...

Yep, this is not the real album =(

David said...

The links are down..can you please put them back up? Thanks

xMelodyMusic said...

sorry guyz i won't reupload this album ,, but i will sure post the real leak when it comes don't worry :)

Anonymous said...

their voice is still perfect... the same sad... i listened to this album here: